Do you want to dive deep into Scripture, learn how to study the Bible, and experience the Cross Style January Conference and June Training Camp online? Gain access to the audio and videos from past conferences as an "online course."

This conference collection contains teaching and preaching from Stephen Manley, Nathan Johnson, Jeremiah Bolich, Chad Seabright, Cory Clark, and many others! Sessions included are from the following conferences:

  • Training Camp 2017 (audio & video)
  • January Conference 2017 (audio & video)
  • Training Camp 2016 (video only)
  • January Conference 2016 (audio & video)
  • Training Camp 2015 (video only)
  • January Conference 2015 (audio & video)
  • January Conference 2014 (video only)
  • Training Camp 2013 (audio only)
  • January Conference 2013 (video only)
  • Training Camp 2012 (video only)

Watch the video sessions online and/or download the audios in MP3 format.

Stephen Manley

Hi, I’m Stephen Manley …

I invite you to join me, Nathan Johnson, Jeremiah Bolich, Chad Seabright, and others in this conference collection from our past Training Camps and January Conferences. This online course contains over 100 hours of Biblical preaching and teaching.

I have found through the saturation of the Word the message of the cross. It is beyond an event; it is a style. Thus, the cross is not a piece of wood or an emblem, but it is the heart of the person of Christ. Cross style is the Christ style. He must be central.

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