We live in a day when few people know their identity — and many Christians don't know their identity in Christ Jesus.

In this course, Stephen Manley examines the heart of a Christian's identity and the true source of their life. While activities and actions are important, they are to flow from one's intimacy with Jesus – the heart of this oneness and intimacy is a "state of being." And as Christians we need to be what we've become (or to say it another way: we need to live from this state of being, rather than a state of "doing").

This course with Stephen Manley focuses on the inner core state of the Christian in Christ.

Stephen Manley

Hi, I’m Stephen Manley …

I want you to know your identity in Christ and live from a place of "being" rather than a place of "doing." That's what this course is all about.

I have found through the saturation of the Word the message of the cross. It is beyond an event; it is a style. Thus, the cross is not a piece of wood or an emblem, but it is the heart of the person of Christ. Cross style is the Christ style. He must be central.

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