Bible Study is a necessary discipline in the Christian life—but most of us come to Bible Study for mere academics or information. Saturation is the concept of soaking or being completely consumed with God’s Word.

In this course, Dr. Stephen Manley talks about your involvement in the Scriptures and explores the interaction between the written Word and the Living Word in the life of the believer.

The purpose of this course is to increase and deepen your investigation and understanding of the Scriptures, which will, in turn, affect every aspect of your life.

If you are a preacher or teacher, this course is essential as your Biblical communication to others is determined by your level of involvement in the Scriptures.

Stephen Manley

Hi, I’m Stephen Manley …

Saturation Bible Study has changed my life, my preaching, and my understanding of God's Word.

Join me as I talk about Biblical Saturation and how you can grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ through the engagement of His Word.

I have found through the saturation of the Word the message of the cross. It is beyond an event; it is a style. Thus, the cross is not a piece of wood or an emblem, but it is the heart of the person of Christ. Cross style is the Christ style. He must be central.

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